Our Services

Assess. Allocate. Adjust.

Whether we are managing assets, planning for one’s retirement, or creating a Comprehensive Financial Plan, our process is steadfast.  As Travis's father often says, “You have two ears and one mouth, use them proportionately.”  So we love to Assess situations by doing just that.  We listen to the issues and objective, spend countless hours researching solutions, then move to the next step.  It does not matter if we are Allocating assets or Allocating resources, this is a difficult task, as we have to use finite resources to achieve set goals, all the while being sensitive to a client’s risk tolerance.  Then we Adjust. As Winston Churchill used to say, “No matter how good the plan, you need to check the results.”  It is the results of the actions that we take when Allocating resources that force us to Adjust to what is an ever-changing financial landscape.  Then, we start all over with Assessing the situation at hand.

At our core, we at TBH Franklin are financial planners. Whether our clients need any of the below listed services or all of the below listed services, we can help.