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"TBH Franklin is a boutique planning firm. We take a team approach to manage all things financial. Since inception, we've positioned ourselves to always put our clients' interests first and view every relationship as a partnership. As a team that primarily consists of Franklin/Williamson County natives, we've engrained ourselves in the community and strive to develop multi-generational relationships. We benchmark success on identifying risks, achieving client goals & being active and visible within our community. In a world where most financial advisors jump from firm to firm, which is often disruptive to the client, TBH prides itself on creating long-term relationships."

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Legacy Planning: Preparing the Next Generation to Save for the Future

Whether you plan to leave wealth to your heirs or simply want to help them prepare for their own savings and wealth growth/preservation strategies, legacy planning and working with future generations, specifically millennials, is crucial in today’s financial world. As millennials have quickly taken over as the largest percentage of the work force, comprising about 45% of the US labor market, they still have many lessons to learn. Read More

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Working with the right Advisor

Recent Attorney at Law publication Read More

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Sell in May and Go Away?... Why that’s a Bad Strategy for an Investor

With May already here, if you haven’t already heard the May Cry, you’ll inevitably read the paper, a magazine, or watch CNBC or Bloomberg, and you’ll see that someone is telling you to “Sell in May and go away,”.... Continue reading to find out why that might not be the best strategy. Read More