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TBH Franklin has decided to Blog!  I know, I know, you cannot wait to brew a cup of coffee and read about Finance, that is what we thought too!  A lot of times we run into situations that seem to be recurring amongst most people.  Whether it is a Market question, a new(er) option such as a 529 plan, or just general planning issue, they see all seem to apply to a wide variety of our readers.  So we are excited to take on this endeavor, and if at times our blog seems bland, well thank compliance.  That being said we will try to write about relevant issues two to four times a month, and the authors will vary. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do, so please pass this page along to your friends and family.  With that here is a bit about the authors, as the writing styles will vary just as much as the content.

Travis is like a bear hug on your brain. Markets and estate issues define the pallet, while hints of sarcasm and notes of abstruse words finish off this nicely plucked author who prefers barley.  

Taylor is a self-proclaimed liberal arts/literary/grammatical accuracy enthusiast, whose forte lies within the realm of comprehensive financial planning. Although his style – by which I mean this description – screams, “loquacious!” his advice will remain quite succinct. His writing will be heavy with allusions, metaphors, and may contain completely irrelevant photos of his dogs for the readers’ understanding and enjoyment.

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